Other museums and buildings

Malmö Museer also includes:

Foto: Andreas Rasmusson

This is a hundred-year-old home where the special interior decoration and atmosphere have been preserved.

Opening hours:
Ebba's house is at the moment closed, due to an investigation concerning the condition of the building.
Address:Snapperupsgatan 10, Malmö.


A typical half-timbered farmhouse from the 17th century, where an impressing collection of old tools and implements are exposed.

Address: Klågerupsvägen, Södra Sallerup.
Wowragården is at the moment closed.

The Fishermen's Huts

Adjacent to the Science and Maritime House. Buy fresh fish in olden days classic fishermen´s huts.

The Castle Mill  

Adjacent to the castle garden lies the Dutch windmill, which dates back to the 1850s.

The Museum Tram

In the summer during weekends, you can travel to and from the Malmö City Library and Malmö Museer in an old museum tram, which dates back to the 1920´s.

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