Temporary exhibitions

Bergman à la mode – Film costumes for leading ladies

Foto: Louis Huch, bearbetning Ed Shepp © AB Svensk Filmindustri (SF)

Photo: Louis Huch, bearbetning Ed Shepp © AB Svensk Filmindustri (SF)

17 November 2018–28 April 2019
The exhibition pictures the central roles of women in Ingmar Bergman´s vast film production.

Costumes, preserved drawings and film stills form a condensed image, of the textile craft of the dresses but also of the context and the making of the movies.

An expedition from Museum Hallwyl and part of the celebration of Ingmar Bergman, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday year 2018.

People <3 birds = true?

Foto: Matilda Thulin/Malmö Museer

30 June 2018–30 December 2019
What is it about birds that we find so fascinating? They come in all colours and shapes and are clothed in beautiful feathers.

Birds are close relatives of dinosaurs. Some are intelligent. Others can sing beautifully and most of them can fly. The exhibition concerns the relationship between humans and birds in all forms.

Dreams of Hollywood

Drömmar om Hollywood

14 April 2018–30 December 2019, Slottsholmen
For many people in the 1930s it was an unachievable dream to dress up in a glittering evening dress, drink champagne and dance in ballrooms. But everyone could dream, and Hollywood films supplied abundant nourishment to those dreams.

The exhibition presents a selection of evening fashions from the 1930s plus some everyday and leisure wear. They show us a new ideal body that was totally unlike the tomboy figure of the 1920s. Now the focus lay on feminine forms, emphasised by figure-hugging materials cut in sophisticated ways.

Between Depression and World War

14 April 2018–31 December 2019, Slottsholmen
The carefree 1920s ended with a crash. By the beginning of the 1930s the world had been crippled by social and political troubles, mass unemployment and the Great Depression. Sweden was also badly affected but recovered swiftly. “Between Depression and World War” sheds light on the social, economic and political developments in Sweden and Malmö during the decade leading up to World War II and shows clear connections between then and now.

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