Online seminar: Art as a Catalyst for Change

Can art bring us closer to a more sustainable future?

  • 19 May 2021
  • Online-event.

As the fight for an ecologically sustainable future intensifies, we turn our attention to art. What can we learn and what can we expect?

Digital seminar May 19th 15.00-17.30 CET

Malmö Art Museum in collaboration with Expo Chicago, US, and Nordic Talks invites you to a digital seminar focusing on the connections between contemporary art practices and ecological sustainability.

How can artists work more sustainably in relation to natural resources and energy use? Is there such a thing as 'sustainable' art and what could a sustainable exhibition production look like? What role has nature played in contemporary art and how does it reflect our view of ourselves? Can art formulate new ways of relating to the world that integrates us on a deeper level in the greater environmental systems?

You are invited to a 2,5 hour seminar entirely devoted to these and many other issues, with the hope of arousing critical thoughts and initiating necessary conversations. How can we make our societies more sustainable, inclusive and secure in the light of the enormous changes that await us? Can art help us to inspire collective action, and can art also meet the stricter demands that will increasingly be placed on us as individuals and on institutions and society?

To expand on and gain more for all the seminar's questions, we also hope that you want to take part in the presentations and participate in the discussions.

No sign up is required.