Literary Fragments: (un)told pages, Bitte Andersson & Sara Kaaman (eng)

Literary fragments is a three-part series of readings and conversations at the crosssection of visual art, poetry and prose. In collaboration with Malmö Libraries.

  • Saturday 13/11 at 15.00
  • Garaget library

Illustration: Edith Hammar

Literary Fragments is part of the public programme for the exhibition (in)visible which is currently showing at the Malmö Art Museum until the 9th of January 2022. The curatorial approach of the exhibition attempts to provide glimpses into expressions of queerness, leaving room for a multiplicity of interpretations. Literary Fragments follows suit and takes from a depository of infinite narratives and experiences.

In this second event we focus on past and present examples of how bookstores, publications and literary platforms bring worlds together. Comic book artist and film director Bitte Andersson, (un)told pages co-founder Elisabeth Bruun Gullach, and graphic designer Sara Kaaman, will talk about their usage of art to strengthen their communities. Working with an array of mediums and departing from varied experiences, the three guests will share their takes on how we can organise ourselves with language.

After their presentations they will be joined on stage by curators Tawanda Appiah and Jari Malta for a conversation.

The events are free of charge and no registration is required.

Language: English.

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Tidningsomslag från tidningen Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us, redaktör: Sara Kaaman

Produced by Tawanda Appiah and Jari Malta with Malmö Konstmuseum and Malmö Libraries – Garaget. Special thanks to Amir Ghotaslou.