Sandy Harry Ceesay - Jérémie (your name is a prayer to protect you), English

A poetic dance performance in the heart of the exhibition (in)visible

  • ***Unfortunately the event is postponed to a date yet to be decided***
  • Slottsholmen, (in)visible
Sandy Harry Ceesay, Foto av Tracey Tomtene

Sandy Harry Ceesay. Foto: Tracey Tomtene

Sandy Harry Ceesay’s Jérémie (your name is a prayer to protect you) combines dance, poetry, image and sound into one expansive universe. Using the exhibition (in)visible as a site of thinking about history, the artist breaks ideas of linearity and instead embraces the in-between, the place that allows scattering, process and improvisation. In his own words:

“Through physical metaphors and imagery, I try to evoke, relocate and confront history.”

Ceesay’s approach to the body as a container of narrative, matter that can move and feel, creates a way outside of the bounds of the mind.

The performance is included in the standard entrance fee.

Malmö Museum and Malmö Art Museum operates with limited capacity due to Covid-19. Pre-booking for Slottsholmen is required. Please read more and book your ticket here:


Organised by curators Tawanda Appiah and Jari Malta in collaboration with Malmö Art Museum.

Expressiv målning av Sandy Harry Ceesay, från ett performance.

Sandy Harry Ceesay använder sig av rummet i sitt performance, och kommer att lämna efter sig spår i utställningens processrum.


Sandy Harry Ceesay (b. 1995) is a dancer, maker and writer who searches for a crossborder and changeable body through their practice. With poetic language, the artist explores the prerequisites of the body, literature and choreography. After four years in Amsterdam, where he graduated from Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), his interest has been devoted to form, texture and language. Ceesay reveres the body’s endless motion as a starting point for all their choreographic and literary works.