The accessibility guidelines are based on W3C's WCAG 2.0 standard and are adapted for Malmö stad. This means that no exact level of WCAG 2.0 compliance has been set, the rules are adapted to the specific role Malmö stad has as a local governmental institution.

The accessibility guidelines are available in Swedish only.

Remember that accessibility is much more than a concern for developers, it has many editorial aspects that should be concerned when writing content, setting titles and headings for pages and choosing the best format for publishing content.

Files available for download
File type icon Filename File size File upload date
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_teknik_v2.pdf 335 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_pedagogik_v2.pdf 404.1 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_redaktionellt_v2.pdf 228.1 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_RIA.pdf 170.8 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_pdfdokument_v2.pdf 152.8 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_FIlm-webTV_v2.pdf 200.1 kB 2010-08-03 14.57
Malmö_tillgänglighet_krav_flash_v2.pdf 189.2 kB 2010-08-03 14.57

Primary audiance for the accessibility specification documents above:

  • If you are a UI developer or visual designer, read the documents Teknik, RIA and Pedagogik.
  • If you work with editorial material or content authoring, read the documents Redaktionellt and Pedagogik.
  • If you develop Flash material, read the document Flash.
  • If you develop online movie or streaming material, read the document Film/WebTV.
  • If you produce PDF material, read the document PDF.

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