Asset Versions

Version 2.0 is deprecated for the intranet, use version 3.0 instead.

Our assets comes in versions. The version is reflected in the URL to the assets, version 2.0 starts with the path /assets-2.0/. Version 1.0 was unmarked and has the path /assets/.

Minor updates such as bug fixes, changing of links in the remote masthead or adding new asset files will not create a new version and the URL will not be changed.

Major updates results in a new version with a new URL scheme. The old version will still be available on the asset host. New major versions will not guarantee backward compatibility and will therefore be available on a new URL. When you update your references to a new asset version you must test your application and read the Change Notes to see if you should make changes to your application.

Provided that you have submitted a contact address to the Central Web Group, you will be notified when a new major version is available. New major versions will most likely not be released more than once a year.

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