Assets for jQuery Plugins

If you are using jQuery UI plugins you should include the below defined style sheet as well. The jQuery JavaScript code is already included in the mandatory jQuery bundle. The following jQuery UI plugins are included:

If you need any other jQuery plugins, please contact the Web Group to discuss if the plugin should be included include in common assets or if you should serve it from your own application.

The City of Malmö Map Service

If your application needs to show street addresses on an inline map in a modal page dialog, use The City of Malmö's geo data and map service.

To launch a jQuery UI Dialog with a map and a street address marked out, you should add a link with the following pattern to your page:

<a class="address" href="http://www.malmo.se/karta?poi=Storgatan%201A" title="Storgatan 1A">Visa på karta</a>

The address must be of the format "Storgatan, 1A". To get a correctly formatted address string, go to the following page and type the address in the field "Ange adress eller plats":


In your JavaScript code, add a jQuery listener with a selector that matches the position of your map links in the DOM and calls the $.malmo.map.showLocation() function with the title attribute as the argument. If  the links e.g.have a class attribute named address and are located within a container with the id attribute set to find-us, this is the jQuery code you will have to add to your JavaScript file:

$("#find-us a.address").click(function(event) {

Using the $-Sign In Your JavaScript Code

If you are using any other JavaScript framework than jQuery such as Prototype that utilizes the dollar sign and you get into conflict with jQuery's usage of the dollar sign, add the following JavaScript code before your own framework and JavaScript code:


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