Adding Special Content to the Main Web Site

If you are producing images or rich media content for www.malmo.se, the information below will help you out.

Available Width In the Regular Page Template

The regular page template on www.malmo.se has a content column that is 470px wide at default zoom level.

Need More Width?

There are cases when special content such as a campaign movie that will be published on the main site needs more space than the regular page templates allow. For this purpose, it might be best to use the full fixed page width for the content. Please contact the Central Web Group if you are in need for a solution like this.

The area available for content with this template is 931px rendered at default zoom level.

Rich Media Content

When producing rich media content, be sure to read the the sections Accessiblity and Source Code Management.

Side Banners

City of Malmö's main web site has side banners, images that advertise a certain subject. Those are placed to the right under the Contact box and the images have a width of 220px.

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