Congresses and business events - Paving the way for a sustainable future!

Congresses and business events have a massive environmental impact and need to be utilized and monitored wisely. As of 2022 the city of Malmö is focused on proactively approaching strategically selected events that have the potential to both generate impact for the local community and pave the way for a sustainable future. Additionally, the city of Malmö, is identifying the needs for (and assist in), creating new business events within targeted focus areas. The city’s objective is that all new events should have the potential of boosting the ecosystems and becoming recurrent in Malmö.

Malmö Convention Bureau

Malmö Convention Bureau is dedicated to adding value and supporting you towards one single objective: to make your congress a success. We understand that a successful congress is where the audience feels that something is happening that matters, and that they are a part of it, and we are committed to bringing the strongest possible partners together, to guarantee the highest level of support.

Impact and tomorrow’s legacy

Your congress will provide a unique experience and opportunities that will continue to resonate not only with the delegates and members of your association, but also in the sectors concerned and in our local community. We are happy to work with you in assessing what positive, long-term impact your congress can generate for local stakeholder groups, the UN SDGs and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, while at the same time, enhancing your organization’s mission, purpose, and goals.

A memorable experience for visitors

We understand that a memorable experience should be both educational as well as entertaining. We can put together comprehensive activities programs during congress days that can include for instance, field trips to companies or strategic research institutions and experience centres, as well as cultural events and gastronomical experiences.

We make you feel at home

Malmö’s hospitality, industry and local government partners are connected by a shared understanding and appreciation of the value of the events industry. From arrival to departure, and in line with Swedish punctuality and efficiency, our partners will ensure the impeccable organization of your conference and we will always be at your disposal, providing any information and additional support you may need.

A one stop shop

Malmö has a long history of hosting many successful conferences and big-ticket events. As the city of Malmö’s official organization for meetings and conferences, we are a natural and neutral partner for independent information and assistance. All free of charge. We are a team of passionate ambassadors, driven to partner with you to deliver events that set new standards and create unique experiences, dreams and memories of those visiting.

Welcome to Malmö!

Sweden's most accessible city. Malmö is a natural hub for people and cultures from world-wide. A city with inhabitants from 180 countries where 150 languages buzz in the air. Only a short train ride from Copenhagen international airport. Watch the film "This is Malmö".

Malmö - your gateway to Scandinavia

A vibrant and sustainable city that offers a unique mix of culture, innovation and business opportunities is an ideal destination for both business and leisure travellers. Download the brochure "Malmö - your gateway to Scandinavia".

Things to do in Malmö

Malmö has a lot to offer. Here are some great examples of activities and things to do in the city.


If you need information about Malmö as a destination for your meeting we have an image and video bank that says more than a thousand words. We also offer digital maps of the city, information texts and more.

Your contacts at Malmö Convention Bureau

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