Ocean literacy in schools

Together with UNESCO’s Francesca Santoro, the Marine Educational Centre in Malmö will organize a workshop together with the participants.

In this session focus will be on how the implementation of global goal 14, Life below water, best can be done in the schools, Ocean School in Canada will also take part in this session.

Session program

14.30 Welcome to the session

Moderator Michael Palmgren

14.35 Ocean Literacy around the globe

Essential seven principles of ocean literacy, Francesca Santoro, UNESCO IOC

14.50 Ocean School in Canada

How we work in Ocean School, Janet Stalker, Dalhousie University

15.15 LaHave River: Stella's Science Project

Stella Bowles 2018 International Young Eco-Hero, Canada

15.30 Ocean Literacy in Malmö

Michael Palmgren CEO Marine Educational Centre, Malmö

15.45 Round table discussion

  • What are the biggest challenges in implementing ocean literacy programs at local, national and international level?
  • What would be the best way to support teachers and educators that want to start an ocean literacy program?
  • How would you measure the success of an ocean literacy program?
  • What it is still needed to promote ocean literacy more widely?