Keynote speaker videos

Keynote speaker videos

We filmed all of the plenary sessions at the conference. Enjoy complete videos of each of the keynote speakers!

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Wednesday 11th October


Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, The Mayor of Malmö and Karolina Skog, the minister of environment, welcome the audience to three days of focusing on the issues at hand om topics relating to Life Below Water.

Frederic Hauge - Go salty or go hungry – how to feed the world without cooking it

Frederic Hauge is the founder and president of the Bellona foundation. Bellona fights global warming and other environmental issues through cooperation with business and industry. We promote and protect sustainable business solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Lower impact food production is essential to feed a growing world population. The answer lies in utilizing the sea, both as a source to produce freshwater (Sahara Forest Project) and directly for production of food, feed and bioenergy (Ocean Forest).

Dr. Elin Kelsey - Wild, contagious hope

Dr Elin Kelsey is a leading spokesperson for hope and the environment. On World Ocean's Day, June 8, 2014 Elin co-launched a twitter tag called #OceanOptimism. To her surprise, it went viral, engaging more than 74 million people with marine conservation successes. #OceanOptimism is a harbinger of a collective hunger for hope. Drawing on inspiring examples from the rise of marine protected areas and ocean species resilience, Elin chronicles the spectacular turn toward hope and why it is so unlikely – and so important – to an increasingly fractured world drowning in doom and gloom.

Debate on stage - all keynote speakers

Friday 13th October

Jennifer Angel - Nova Scotia: Canada’s Ocean Playground - Developing our ocean economy

Jennifer Angel is the Acting President & CEO at Waterfront Development Corporation. Her talk is about Halifax waterfront - Nova Scotia's most visited tourism destination COVE, Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship - a new innovation centre for ocean technology commercialization.

Lasse Gustavsson - More fish, more jobs, more money!

Lasse Gustavsson is the Executive Director for Oceana in Europe. Lasse Gustavsson talks about how we can bring back ocean abundance, increase fish catches with more than 50%, create just under 100 000 new jobs and make a lot more money at the same time.

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry - Building Global Capacity for Ocean Governance in Malmö

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry is President of the World Maritime University. In order to improve the management and governance of oceans and seas training and capacity building is essential at all levels. The World Maritime University (WMU) situated in Malmö is the global center for postgraduate maritime and ocean education, research and capacity building. Since its start WMU has graduated close to 5000 students now active as professionals in 165 countries of the world.

Next step! The ICLEI - Malmö Initiative

Andreas Schönström, deputy mayor, and Barbara Anton from ICLEI presents the results from the conference and the next step.