Thursday December 6th

 08.00-13.00 Registration

12.00-13.00 Vegetarian lunch at STUDIO

13.00 Introduction and welcome

Mayor and chairman of the City Excutive Board Katrin Stjernfeldt-Jammeh together with Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of the World Maritime University.

Trevor Graham, moderator, Urban Island

13.30 Keynote

Ocean Literacy: recent developments and the way forward, Francesca Santoro, Programme Specialist/IOC, UNESCO Venice, UNESCO

14.00 Coffee

14.30-16.30 Break-out sessions:

A. Capacity Development and knowledge alliances for the sea

B. The roles and responsibilities of coastal towns and cities

C. Ocean Literacy in schools

16.30 Gathering in front of plenary - drinks and snacks will be served

16.45 "The one woman campaigner"

Ms. Stella Bowles, 2018 International young eco-hero, Canada, mingle area.

17.30 End of the day

19.00 Dinner at the World Maritime University

(Participation by registration)

Friday December 7th

09.00 Introduction by the moderator

Trevor Graham, Urban Island

09.15-10 00 Panel debate: Ocean Literacy – The way forward

Participants: Francesca Santoro, UNESCO & Michael Palmgren, Marine Educational Centre, Helen Åberg, Swedish Ambassador for the ocean, Peter Malinowski, Executive Director, Billion Oyster Project, New York City, Young ocean ambassadors from Malmö.

Moderator: Trevor Graham, Urban Island

10.00-10.40 The harvesting team present their observations from the break out sessions

10.40 Coffee

11.15 Keynote

Why we should care about life below water – national and global perspectives, Helen Ågren, Director at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Ambassador for the Ocean

12.00 Vegetarian lunch at STUDIO

13.00 End of conference

13.10 Study tour to the Marine Educational Centre in Malmö

Participation by registration. Departure by bus from the venue. The bus will return to Studio by 15.00.