Sustainable marine food

Sustainable marine food

Common mussels and Nordic seaweed packed with umami, fish farmed with the vision of achieving world leading sustainability and citizens as shareholders in their local fishermen’s catch – the opportunities for innovative solutions and climate smart, healthy and sustainable marine food are many!

Join this technical visit to the community food space Gro’up where you will learn more about sustainable food from the sea, taste delicious products and listen to inspiring producers and projects.

At Gro’up you will meet:

Catxalot – Linnea Sjökvist and Jonas Pettersson
Interest in seaweed as a culinary ingredient has grown significantly in recent years. Linnea Sjögren and Jonas Pettersson are passionate about this exciting raw material hidden under the surface of the sea. They run the company Catxalot, selling seaweed collected from the Swedish west coast to restaurants and grocery stores. They also arrange courses and events focusing on seaweed and cooking.

Blåskal – Magdalena Sivik

Blue mussels are not just tasty and nutritious, they are also small environmental heroes contributing to improved water quality. In the family business Blåskal, Magdalena Sivik and her father produce stock, sauces and concentrate from farmed blue mussels. They combine food technology and an extensive knowledge of blue mussels’ ecology and nutritional content, with a genuine interest in food, in order to develop new products and opportunities.

Gårdsfisk – Johan Ljungquist and Mikael Olenmark
Johan Ljungquist and Mikael Olenmark founded the company Gårdsfisk in 2013, with the vision of achieving world-leading sustainability in fish farming and the ability to produce fish without contributing to overfishing, environmental degradation and eutrophication. Through a unique system design, that combines aquaculture and agriculture, all excess nutrients from the farm are utilised - working with nature instead of against it. In addition to producing good-tasting and nutritional fish, Gårdsfisk also work towards creating new business opportunities for farmers and towards a thriving countryside.

SEA-U Marine Science Centre / Öresundsfisk – Anna Särnblad
For several years, SEA-U Marine Science Centre have collaborated with local fishermen to spread knowledge about Öresund´s sustainable coastal fishing, strengthening the relationship between fishermen and the community, shortening the supply chain to local markets and increasing the value of the catch. This has resulted in the trade mark Öresundsfisk and in Sweden´s first Community Supported Fishery, where Malmö citizens become shareholders in the fisherman´s catch and so have access to premium locally caught fish - direct from boat to table.

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