Visit to the Sysav Group's waste-to-energy plant

Visit to the Sysav Group's waste-to-energy plant

Take your place on an exciting study visit to Sysav's waste-to-energy plant. Find out about Sysav's role in the sustainable economy, waste associated with the environment and sustainable development.

Sysav works to reduce the amount of waste in society and to treat produced waste by means of recycling into new resources, thus contributing to a better climate and better environment.

A guided tour will lead you along the entire waste process, from the 18,000 cubic metre bunker through incineration and to energy recovery. At the end of the tour, you will also gain more information on flue gas cleaning and metal extraction from the slag.

Grethe Lindhe

Project Manager

City Executive Office

City of Malmö

+46 70 694 11 15