Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

The production of plastics increases with billions of tonnes each year, and it's not predicted to slow down.

Plastic production is also contributing to climate change as the manufacturing process uses approximately 8 percent of the total amount of oil globally.

During the discussions you will meet:

Johanna Eriksson is a Senior Analyst at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. She participates in several national and regional policy processes with the aim to prevent and reduce marine litter in our oceans.

Rosanna Endre works with oceans at Greenpeace Nordic and is based in Stockholm. She is part of a global team, across five continents, that works to end oceans plastics and find solutions on the plastic problem. Greenpeace is a global independent campaigning organization that exposes environmental problems and forces solutions which are essential to a green sustainable future.

Dr Costas Velis is Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds. He coordinates the Circular Economy & Resource Recovery network, as part of the Cites University Theme. His research portfolio focuses on innovation for closing the materials loop and recovering energy from secondary resources (wastes). Dr. Velis will during the seminar show the results from his latest report.

Moderator: Moderator – Anna-Karin Poussart

Works as environment and sustainability strategist at the municipality of Lund.

Technical visit: Visit to the Sysav Group's waste-to-energy plant

Grethe Lindhe

Project Manager

City Executive Office

City of Malmö

+46 70 694 11 15