Sustainable Marine Food

Sustainable Marine Food

The sea offers incredible opportunities for sourcing food of high quality, providing we utilise its resources in a sustainable way. In this dialogue seminar, we want to highlight innovative projects and ideas that focus on sustainable marine food and discuss how we can act locally to contribute to the implementation of UN Goal 14.

As a basis and inspiration for dialogue we will learn how one of Norway’s oldest fishing communities, the island municipality Træna, has invested in the ocean as a resource. Moa Björnson will talk about how a small and remote municipality can create innovative collaborations and exiting development projects with a focus on sustainability.

We will also listen to short stories from committed producers and hear about how Malmö citizens can become shareholders in their local fisherman’s catch. In the subsequent dialogue, we would like you to share your ideas and thoughts about sustainable marine food.

The seminar will be moderated by Jens Almqvist, business designer at Krinova Incubator and Science Park, Sweden´s first and largest business incubator for companies within the food industry.

TENK TRÆNA - Moa Björnson, Head of Development, Træna municipality

Moa has been Head of Development in the small Norwegian island municipality of Træna since 2015, where she leads local development work in planning, culture and economic development. Træna, one of Norway’s oldest fishing communities, is situated on the polar circle just a few hours by boat from the mainland, and is known for its culture and innovation projects. With barely 500 inhabitants spread over 4 inhabited islands, Træna succeeds in creating both development, innovation and a good living environment. New approaches to the ocean as a resource make it possible for new companies and projects to start. An award-winning company that harvests seaweed has established itself and created jobs and local development. Even in traditional fishing, new approaches are taken, and the national agenda for coastal communities is being influenced.

Other speakers are:

  • Linnéa Sjögren – CEO, Catxalot
  • Magdalena Sivik – CEO and founder, Blåskal
  • Anna Särnblad – Marine biologist, SEA-U Marine Science Center and Öresundsfisk

Technical visit: Visit to the community food space Gro'up

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