Sutainable vessels and ports of the future

Sustainable vessels and ports of the future

This seminar focus on the impacts of shipping on marine life and how future shipping can develop in an environmentally sustainable way. It will give a general overview of this broad area, and pick up key issues as oil pollution, waste, coating/anti-fouling, waste water, underwater noise and ballast water.

We will provide four presentations followed by a panel debate including questions from the audience.

As moderator, Niklas Bengtsson, Lloyds List Intelligence will lead the seminar.

The broad picture: Trendspotting on global consumption, production, cargo volumes and its impacts on shipping and ports. Speaker: Niklas Bengtsson, Lloyds List Intelligence/Director maritime-insight. Environmental impacts of shipping and how they can be tackled by clean tech measures, policy and regulation: Oil pollution, waste, coating/anti-fouling, sewage, underwater noise and ballast water, air emissions.). Speaker: Tian-Bing Huang, Head, Marine Pollution, IMO.

Mr. Huang will cover:

  • IMO’s work addressing ship source pollution by oil, chemical, garbage and sewage;
  • New challenge on air pollution, GHG and biodiversity, ship noise and etc.; and
IMO’s sustainable development strategies in the context of Global SDGs.

The role of the ports for waste management and introducing circular economy to shipping. Speaker: Fabio Ballini, World Maritime University, Lecturer - Maritime Economist, Maritime Energy Research Group;
  • Mr. Ballini will focus on the circular economy in port and the relation with cities too. He will also talk about the EU port best practise and strategies currently in place, in term of circular economy/industrial symbiosis.
The vessel of the future and safe navigation, facing the growing number of Blue Growth facilities (wind farms, aqua culture). Speaker: Raza Mehdi, World Maritime University, Technical Officer Maritime Risk & System Safety Research Group.Some points that Mr. Mehdi will cover are:
  • Evolutions within the maritime industry (e.g. autonomous vessels)
  • Developments outside the maritime industry (e.g. offshore renewable energy installations)
  • Impacts of these internal and external developments on shipping and life below water
  • Challenges that we researchers face in addressing the risks associated with these developments

Technical visit: Visit to CMP - Copenhagen Malmö port

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