Keynote speakers

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Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

EncounterEdu, United Kingdom

Topic: The future is unwritten: the importance of ocean literacy

Jamie is the founder of Encounter Edu, an online education platform supporting young people to understand and engage with their changing world. He has worked on ocean education for over a decade. This has included creating and running AXA Ocean Education, which has an estimated student reach of over 10 million. In 2014, he led a consortium that was successful in lobbying the UK Government to include ocean topics in the curriculum for the first time. Recently, he has contributed to UNESCO’s ocean education toolkit for policymakers. His interest in using digital technologies to bring the ocean to the classroom has seen him take part in numerous polar, coral, and submersible science expeditions and projects.

Geraldine Fauville

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Topic: Immersive technologies for ocean literacy: potentials and challenges

Géraldine Fauville is a marine biologist and researcher in education and learning. Her research focuses on the use of immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, for environmental and marine education. You can read more about Geraldine Fauvilles work on her website: https://www.geraldinefauville.com/

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