Ocean Literacy conference 2018

Here you can download the presentations from the keynote speakers and harvesters at the previous Ocean Literacy conference held in 2018.

Francesca Santoro, Programme Specialist/IOC, UNESCO Venice.

Francesca Santoro works for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, where she is in charge of ocean literacy and ocean science communication activities.

Keynote topic: Ocean Literacy: recent developments and the way forward Powerpoint, 17.8 MB.

Helen Ågren, Director at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Ambassador for the Ocean

Helen Ågren coordinated and led the government's work with the UN Sea Conference in the summer of 2017. She also has a long background in the Government Offices.

Keynote topic: Why we should care about life below water – national and global perspectives Powerpoint, 6.1 MB.

The break out-sessions was documented by students from Malmö University and World Maritime University – the so called Harvesting teams: