Ocean literacy – a sustainable event

As organizers we take active steps to make sure the impact the conference has on the environment is as low as possible. We also invite you, the participants, to help out.

What we can do

Sustainability is at the core of One Ocean – One Planet: Ocean Literacy Action 2022 in Malmö, Sweden. We, host city and organizers, are committed to minimizing the negative environmental impact of the event. But we also aim to increase the positive impact, by creating a meeting place for ideas, knowledge and sustainable solutions for the oceans, seas and marine resources.

The conference is environmentally certified by the Swedish Environmental Base Standard, Svensk Miljöbas. You can read more about the certification here. Pdf, 351.4 kB. (Pdf, 351.4 kB) We also urge you, our participants and partners, to help us by acting in a sustainable way. Together we can make this event both memorable and sustainable!

Some measures to lessen the negative impact:

  • Climate smart food choices (organic, vegetarian, tap water, donating leftovers)
  • Responsible waste management (minimize, reuse, recycle, avoid single use)
  • Minimize purchases and support sustainable choices
  • Sustainable mobility is facilitated and encouraged (walking, biking, public transport)
  • Green energy and energy efficiency at the venues
  • Social sustainability considerations (supporting local businesses, Fairtrade, including young peoples’ perspectives, live streaming, guidelines for equitable events)

What you can do

Choose a climate smart way to travel to Malmö. The venue is located within a short walk from the Malmö Central Station and there are railway connections from all of Europe to Malmö. If you have to travel here by plane, consider climate compensating for your flight. Make sure to catch the train instead of taxi from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö, which is just a twenty minute train ride away. Information regarding ticktes and train operators is found here. 

Once you get here you will find that everything you might need is within walking distance. The venue is situated in the city centre and hotels, hostels and train station is mere minutes away. Public transportation and rental bikes are also available if you would like to explore Malmö.

When looking for a hotel or hostel, make sure to choose one with high sustainability ambitions, if possible.

The Swedish tap water is famously tasty so bring your favourite water bottle and fill it up at the venue!

Keep track of your coffee mug and reuse it throughout the day to minimize water waste.

View of Malmö Central Station

Photo: Bojana Lukac