Parallel sessions

After the keynote sessions, we split into parallel sessions with talks, workshops and discussion regarding Ocean Literacy.

The schedule is presented below as well as if the session is available for remote participation. You can read more about the different sessions via the sidebar.

Registration for parallel sessions will take place when you arrive at the conference on Monday 9th. To make sure the registration process runs as smoothly as possible we ask you to choose two session you wish to attend beforehand (one for each day), as well as two back-up session incase your first choices are all ready full.

Two of the sessions are held both days so if you miss out on it the first day, there is always the chance of catching it the next!

If you are joining us remotely you'll always have a spot at any of the sessions available for remote participation. Links to the different sessions will be sent out so you can choose.

Monday 9th

  • Achieving Ocean Literacy: Building Capacity and Actions for Implementation
  • Our Ocean, Our Future, Youth for change*

  • Engaging the public

Tuesday 10th

  • Our Ocean, Our Future, Youth for change
  • Engaging the public

  • Blue Curriculum for Policy Makers*

  • Citizen Science and Ocean Literacy – stronger together!*

*Available for remote participation