Citizen Science and Ocean Literacy – stronger together!

People swimming by some rocks

Photo: Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment

The production of knowledge about the ocean and taking actions to protect it are rapidly evolving Citizen Science and Ocean Literacy are emerging fields that have much to gain from joining forces.

The objectives of this interactive session are to explore the synergies among Citizen Science and Ocean Literacy, create the basis for future collaborations and make concrete proposals on how we can create win-win for a sustainable ocean.

Following a brief introduction to Citizen Science by Uta Wehn, different Citizen Science initiatives will showcase their efforts along with the opportunities and challenges they encounter when creating synergies with Ocean Literacy: Plastic experiment (Bethany Carney Almroth), FreshWaterWatch (Heather Moorhouse), Sailing for Science (Martin Hassellöv), Koster Sea Observatory (Matthias Obst) and Deepod (Fredrik Gustavsson).

During group discussions, participants will have the chance to share their own experiences which will be deliberated further during a panel discussion, composed of Patrick Gorringe (SMHI), Arianna Liconti (OutBe), Björn Källström (Gothenburg Marine Biological Laboratory), Fredrik Gustavsson.(Deepod) and Uta Wehn (Gothenburg University).

The panel will be moderated by Lisa Emilia Svensson and focussing on better bridging Citizen Science and Ocean Science, especially within the context of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and the forthcoming UN Ocean conference in Lisbon.

This session is available for remote participation on Tuesday 10th.