How to engage the public

People by the beach at sunset

Foto: Apelöga

How do we communicate the value of water to increase public participation?

The purpose of the session is to network and exchange experiences and ideas on how to engage the public in improving the state of local water bodies. We will address both marine and freshwater environments. Hosts are Per Sonnvik and Katrin Jones Hammarlund, SLU Swedish Center for Nature Interpretation.

You will meet other people that work with different methods and tools to engage in public participation. This session will provide you with new ideas and inspiration to take home and is best suited for local or regional governmental organizations, NGOs, teachers, pedagogues that work with/in water.

The session starts with introduction, followed by inspirational speeches. We then continue with workshop in smaller groups and ending with a joint discussion on the outcomes from the workshop groups.

Inspirational speakers:

1. Henrike Semmler, Senior Advisor for Ocean & Fisheries, WWF Denmark.
Henrike will introduce several successful projects implemented in Denmark by WWF. The focus of the projects have been on building knowledge on the life below water.2. Peter Nolbrandt, consultant, project leader, secretary in different Water councils in West Sweden.
Water councils are platforms for broad collaboration and co-creation around water bodies. Peter will tell us about successful experiences in his home region. Recorded talk.
3. Per Sonnvik, Project manager Swedish Center for Nature Interpretation.
Citizen Science contributes to collect data for scientist, but furthermore, the people engaged in citizen science will learn more about and care more for the environment from where they collect the data. Per will introduce some citizen science project.