Our Ocean, Our Future, Youth for Change

Family playing in the water

Photo: Apelöga

All life on land depends on the health of the ocean, and our actions have a direct impact on the entire planet.

Marine ecosystems are especially vulnerable and if they collapse, our planet will no longer be inhabitable. We all face the same challenges - overfishing, marine littering, the changing climate and land reclamation. We must all make an effort and join forces to find solutions to these challenges. The choices we make today will shape the future of our planet. We have the scientific evidence needed to take well-founded and ocean literate decisions. It is essential to involve the coming generations in this conversation and together start accelerating the change. It is their ocean and their future - Youth for Change.

In this session, you will together with talented students from Malmö University and Malmö latinskola, be able to take action for the ocean and find solutions to ocean issues. In round table discussion you will be faced with a real life scenario and collaborate in round table talks.

The session is hosted by students at Malmö University in collaboration with students in upper secondary school from Malmö latinskola and Marine education center. Together we will talk, listen, discuss, generate and design ideas to drive concrete actions for the ocean.

Welcome to join and take ocean action!

This session is available for remote participation on Monday 9th.