Global Awareness in Action

Global Awareness in Action

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Global Awareness in Action, GAIA, is an international project that runs between 2013-2015. GAIA aims to facilitate for actors in target cities to find ways to develop their work with education for sustainable development, reach new target groups and mobilise informed public to change behaviours.

Aims of the project

With the ultimate goal to contribute to sustainable development, GAIA within its project scope, sets its overall objective to empower local authorities (LA) and non-state actors to more effectively implement education for sustainable development (ESD) programmes and Fair Trade Town (FTT) campaigns so that more citizens are engaged to take concrete actions to tackle development challenges.

By facilitating actors in the target cities to find ways to incorporate development and global discussions in ESD, to reach wider population and to mobilise informed public to change behaviours in their ESD and FTT efforts, the project aims to:

  • Engage people from more social sectors as active advocates of local actions for global development.
  • Improve target groups' knowledge and pedagogic competences in ESD, in particular to address the global, social aspects of sustainable development in relation to Fair Trade.
  • To facilitate target groups to develop new tools to effectively implement initiatives for behaviour change.
  • To inspire more businesses and individual consumers in the involved cities to support sustainable development through Fair Trade and undertake actions reducing their global footprint.

Lead partner: City of Malmö

Partner cities: Utrecht (Netherlands), Newcastle (Great Britain), Nieuwegein (Netherlands).

Final beneficiaries: Residents in partner cities.

Enabling sustainable choices in every day life

12 strategies to promote behaviour change. Developed within the GAIA project. Download here (pdf, 4 MB)

IN SWEDISH: Möjliggöra hållbara val i vardagen - 12 strategier för att främja beteendeförändring.

Ladda ner (pdf, 4 MB) handboken på svenska

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The project is co-funded by the European Union.