Vocational learing for sustainable catering systems

Vocational Learning for Sustainable Catering Systems (VoLCS) ran between November 2012 to October 2014 and was a transfer of innovation project funded with support from the European Community. The concrete result of the project is a toolbox of best practice for use in the member countries in vocational training for catering staff.

Toolbox of best practice

The toolbox aims to provide inspiration for those working with public sector catering and who want to address education and training opportunities for catering staff. It is a collection of different examples from the project partners that they felt could improve the confidence and skill level of catering staff. Each example can be printed out and used individually or the entire report can be printed out and used as a reference document. The examples are designed to inspire and create interest in sustainable food and training for cooks.

Download toolbox:

Toolbox: Food for thought (pdf, 3.1 MB)

...or download individual examples from the toolbox:

Kitchen lift questionnaire (pdf, 386.1 kB)
Whole school approach (pdf, 377.1 kB)
Ten dishes (pdf, 372.7 kB)
Awards for school cooks (pdf, 379.8 kB)
A school cooks newsletter (pdf, 399 kB)
School farmers markets (pdf, 394.5 kB)
Fish day (pdf, 361.7 kB)
Info magazine on school meals (pdf, 385.5 kB)
Cooks café (pdf, 381.7 kB)
Kitchen promise (pdf, 405.2 kB)
The fish course (pdf, 373.1 kB)

Project newsletters

Newsletter no 1, April 2013 (pdf, 583.3 kB)
Newsletter no 2, June 2013 (pdf, 739.7 kB)
Newsletter no 3, November 2013 (pdf, 157.8 kB)
Newsletter no 4, April 2014 (pdf, 834.7 kB)
Newsletter no 5, October 2014 (pdf, 750.6 kB)

Financed by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.