About Volcs

Volcs was a cooperation between the City of Malmö and the following partners: The Food for Life Partnership, Aalborg University, Albert Sas., The City of Rome and Copenhagen Madhus

The main aim of the project was to establish a system of cooperation between the different partners involved in catering for the public sector, so that they could learn from each other and create universal tools of best practice.

It is important to develop the link between vocational training that is available and the actual reality of the work environment and the European job market. By listening to personnel and incorporating the best practices from the partner countries, a stronger connection could be made between the skills that are needed in the workplace and the skills that are available in vocational education.

This project has acted as inspiration and creative input for educators and trainers in catering. A tool box of best practice has been created, which offers relevant and interesting training opportunities for catering professionals.

Project organisation

Key contact person

Malmö stad
Helen Nilsson: Helen.nilsson2@malmo.se

Food for Life Partnership
Jeanette Orrey: jeanetteorrey@btinternet.com

Aalborg University
Niels Heine Kristensen: nhk@plan.aau.dk

Albert SAS
Giorgio Scavino: giorgio.scavino@gmail.com

Roma Capitale
Ms. Mariarosa Turchi: mariarosa.turchi@comune.roma.it

Anya Hultberg: anya@kbhmadhus.dk