Volcs final seminar

A dissemination seminar for the VoLCS project was held in Malmö on Wednesday 27th August 2014. About 60 managers, policy makers, head teachers and cooks from all over Sweden attended a whole day of inspiration entitled “Towards New Gastronomic Heights – Competency development and how you can involve the whole organization in food”.

  • The City of Malmö presented the findings of the project
  • Copenhagen House of Food (Madhuset) talked about the work that is being done in Copenhagen to increase the quality of public food and improve the skill level of the catering staff.
  • The Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) spoke about the "whole school approach", how they involve all actors in the school, from head teachers, teachers and cooks to children and parents in their work to improve food and raise its profile in the school, linking it to the curriculum.
  • The City of Malmö’s presented it's meal quality programme that includes working with managers, pedagogues and cooks in pre-schools to improve the quality of not only the food served, but the whole meal experience.
  • A catering manager from Malmö school restaurants talked about their work in a scheme called gastronomic manifesto for school meals. The aim of the scheme is to involve head teachers and get them to realize the important role school meals have and the head teachers’ responsibility to push for their development.

The afternoon consisted of workshops where participants had the opportunity to find out more about the work at Copenhagen’s house of Food, the certifying work carried out by Food for Life as well as the meal quality work being carried out in Malmö. With a goodie bag of information to take home, everyone who attended were pleased with the day and filled with inspiration and ideas to explore ways of improving meal quality and skills and status of catering staff.