The winner in the Swedish competition Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living was announced June 16, 2016.

From the jurys statement:

FIRST PRIZE: It Takes a Block

Organisations behind the proposal: Kjellander & Sjöberg Arkitektkontor, ATKINS, BOGL, STED, architecture students

It Takes a Block is the winner of the competition on Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living. The proposal presents an intensively utilised neighbourhood with mixed housing and various forms of management that offers opportunities for various forms of living and provides possibilities for the development of sharing and community from the perspective of residents. The proposal can also be applied in other places and can work as a concept for densification. It will also be possible to successively develop the concept for implementation in coming stages of the Sege Park development. The block includes one of the existing buildings and the proposal presents an idea of the timeframe for successive development in several stages through co-creation and entrepreneurship. The apartments are based on two prefabricated modules, 40 m2 and 20 m2 respectively, that can be combined. Construction is proposed to be entirely in timber, something which is positive for both the living environment and from a general environmental perspective. The apartment solutions are however not entirely convincing and further development is required.