Bo01 / Western Harbour

Western Harbour / Bo01

Bo01, Western Harbour

Western Harbour/Västra Hamnen is Malmö’s most obvious symbol of sustainable urban development. Its development began with Bo01, the European homes fair held in summer 2001, when the transformation of coastal industrial land into a densely-built urban area was displayed to the general public.

The Western Harbour has in a couple of decades transformed itself from being an industrial park into becoming an area for knowledge and sustainable living. Since the closing of Kockums machine halls and cranes have been making way for parks, swimming areas, schools, and living accommodations. Malmö University opened in 1998 and three years later the European home fair Bo01. These two milestones marked the start for a new urban area coming to life in Malmö.

National example of sustainable urban development

Västra Hamnen is now a national example of sustainable urban development and a district with a mixture of housing, service industries, workplaces, education and recreation. Västra Hamnen has the inner city as its model with density and greenness as key words. The district has a unique, attractive location with urban and natural features; it is within walking distance of the inner city, has good transport links and is close to Ribersborg beach. By continuing to develop these qualities and building
a mixed city, it will be possible to link Västra Hamnen to the central parts of Malmö.

Half developed

At the beginning of 2014, the area had around 4,000 homes and approximately 10,000 jobs. The plans entail a total of around 11,000 homes and 17,000 jobs throughout Västra Hamnen. There will also be three schools and around fifteen preschools. Just over 20,000 people will be able to live here. At present, it is mainly the eastern and western parts
that are built on. Just over half of the area has current detailed development plans. The planning initiatives are now focused on the southern and central parts to link Västra Hamnen to the centre of Malmö. The last development area is Galeonen, which is located at the very north of the area.