Sustainability Week 17-21.9

In current efforts, as well as long-term planning, Malmö's underlying ambition is to create a sustainable and attractive city — related to the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and ecological sustainability.
Malmö place particular focus on sustainable city development, with no less than five conferences on different aspects of climate friendly construction and sustainable procurement, all hosted at the exhibition centre MalmöMässan. Approximately 1000 experts from all over Europe gather in Malmö, for the Sustainability Week, 17th-21th September.

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17-18.9: CLICC (Climate Living in Cities Concept)

Mid-term Conference of the CLICC project, with property owners, housing associations, tenant associations, politicians as target groups.  The CLICC project aims to demonstrate a concept that reduces the carbon footprint of a city's inhabitants by 50 percent in the aspects of housing, transport, and food and consumer goods.
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17.9: Co2ol Bricks

The Co2ol Bricks project thematises the important contents in the field of heritage conservation: How to reduce the energy consumption of historical buildings without destroying their cultural value and identity.
The target group for the conference is real estate owners and managers.
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18-19.9: Covenant CapaCITY

Capacity building of local governments to advance Local Climate and Energy Action — from planning to action to monitoring" is a 3-year project, co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The mid-term conference in Malmö targets municipal officers and politicians with presentations of experiences made in the project and examples of other successful projects in climat- and energy planning.
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18-20.9: Cascade partner meeting

The Cascade partners will meet in Malmo for their midterm consortium meeting. CASCADE is a networking and mutual learning project on local energy leadership financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe. By means of peer to peer exchanges, the project aims to improve and accelerate the implementation of sustainable energy policies in European cities.
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19-21.9 EcoProcura 2012 - New opportunities to deliver sustainable procurement and innovation

EcoProcura Conferences provide a forum to encourage public authorities and their partners, such as the business community, to exchange experiences and coordinate their actions and purchasing power. By forging new partnerships it is possible to contribute to making the markets for products and services more sustainable. EcoProcura Conferences seek to generate more awareness - and motivating and encouraging people, both from the practical and political sense - on the issue of procurement (at the local, national and international level) and thereby contribute to the world-wide movement of mainstreaming sustainable public procurement.
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The information provided in this section is designed to be informative and to help our visitors and participants make the most out of the Sustainability Week and enjoy their stay in the city of Malmö.  

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Covenant CapaCITY - Malin Norling
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