2009 Awards and prizes

2009 - Awards and prizes

"Scroll of Honour in 2009" - Malmö City is praised for its work with sustainable urban development. The prize is awarded by the UN program for Sustainable Development UN-HABITAT and is the world's most prestigious award in the area of housing conditions and sustainable development.
Motivation: Malmö City is awarded the prize for its innovative and holistic efforts to become a modern, sustainable city. Malmö is the first Swedish winner.

Growth municipality of the Year — 2009. The prize is awarded by Arena for Growth, which is a collaboration between SKL, Swedbank, ICA and SWECO EuroFutures. Motivation: Malmö City has consistently and purposefully worked to become an attractive hub in the region. Investments in infrastructure in the region have created jobs and joined southern Swedenwith Denmark 's Zealand . The city has, over a couple of decades, gone through a powerful and conscious restructuring of both its business sector and its physical environment.

1st European Award of Excellence "City for Children 2009" - Projects in the category "Design of open spaces and playgrounds." The prize is awarded by the European network Cities for Children which entailed 53 cities from 26 countries.
Motivation: Malmö has made one of the most interesting building sites near the city center available, in reaction to the wish of young people for an area for extreme sports. In addition to extensive areas for skateboarding and rock climbing, the “Stapelbäddsparken" in the City of Malmö offers spaces for artistic and cultural activities for young people.

Malmö is ranked as one of the 13 most creative cities in the world. The prize is awarded by Fast Company. The ranked cities are mostly from the U.S.A. and Malmö is the only European city.

Malmö is awarded "The World Green Building Council's BEX Award" for Best Master Plan (2009), focusing on the WesternHarbour in Malmö.

Malmö is awarded “European Fleet of the Year Award from the Green Fleet Award" (in London) for its efforts to make the municipality´s vehicles greener.

Malmöis  awarded "Certificate of Merit for Superior Achievement in District Energy" in conjunction with the global "District Energy Climate Awards".

Malmö is awarded "Honourable Recognition for the Globe Award" for sustainable cities.