Malmö City's intranet - our operating system for efficiency

Malmö City 's intranet - our operating system for efficiency

Since 2010 Malmö City has developed a modern intranet. Join us for an exciting presentation about this endeavour. 

During the visit, you will among other things, come to know:

  • How the intranet project was initiated - what went well and what went less well
  • How the intranet is maintained and developed today
  • What the intranet is for and what it means for internal communication
  • What theoretical models we follow and what models we ourselves created for the intranet
  • How the intranet looks and is structured for the average user
  • Malmö City's individualized functions on the intranet
  • What support we provide to content providers
  • How we work with basic content, news and services
  • How we implemented social tools for internal collaboration 

Practical Info

location: will be determined upon booking
length: 1-3 hours 
type of study: lecture
max number of participants: depending on the size of the venue target audience: you are an intranet manager or project manager

The technical visit is a presentation that is set up in order to raise issues as well as present Malmö City's solutions - with many breaks in the discussion to allow for the sharing of experiences. The content can be adapted so as to especially cover areas that visitors want to know more about.

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