Malmö City's intranet - support & service

Malmö City's intranet - with a focus on support and service

Malmö City has a modern indivudalized intranet. The main task of Malmö City´s intranet is to provide assistance to employees and help them work more efficiently. 

During this technical visit we provide an overview of the intranet´s foundations:

  • What the intranet is for and what it means for internal communication
  • How the intranet looks and how it is structured for the average user
  • How the intranet is maintained and developed
  • What support we provide to content providers
  • How we implemented social tools for internal cooperation in the intranet 
  • How personalization of the content functions

Practical info

location: determined upon booking
length: 45 min
type of technical visit: lecture
max number of participants: depending on the size of the venue

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