Dialogue with citizens in policy making

Dialogue with citizens in policy making

In Malmö we develop our work approach towards supporting representative democracy more clearly. The ability to influence policy strengthens the commitment and interest in the development of the city. 

The Malmö Initiative and Malmö Panel are two good examples of how the residents of the city can participate and influence the content of the municipal decision-making. Via the Malmö Initiative, citizens can make suggestions and comments pertaining to various areas via internet. One can take up a debate and get support from others involving various issues. The Malmö Panel is a forum for the 1,600 Malmö residents that, twice each year, have a say on issues brought up by Malmö's councils.

During this visit you will learn how the city works with its citizen dialogue and specifically through the Malmö Initiative and Malmö Panel. 

Practical info

location: Stadshuset, August Palms plats 1
length: 1 hour
type of study: lecture
max number of participants:

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