Golden moments in everyday living for the elderly

Golden moments in everyday living for the elderly

‘Golden moments in everyday living for the elderly´ is an initiative whose mission is to enhance and develop the social aspect of Malmö's special needs residential complexes.  ‘Golden moments in everyday living for the elderly is meant to serve as a focal point geared towards achieving inspiring meetings for health professionals, managers and other various social actors.

The inspiration workshop is an obvious arena for training, networking events, new projects and new ideas. The environment in the workshop is experiential and is designed to inspire visitors.  Meetings take place and the dialogues are initiated. Knowledge and understanding is raised surrounding the right of older citizens to a dignified and eventful life.

Work with the social aspect, the so-called golden moments, is about how a person, despite being old and having an eventual illness, is entitled to experience, to be understood and is entitled to be seen and listened to.

Golden moments works pedagogically to instruct, inspire and support staff by offering workshops, arranging networking meetings, lending materials, arranging visits to inspirational workshops and offering training that qualifies participants to be able to visit the experience-room called ‘The sun with patients´. 

During the visit we will present the operation and our approach. The visit is formed around:

  • Reflection surrounding what the social aspect is
  • Tips and ideas on how to work with the social aspect when it comes to the environment, reminiscence material and creative materials
  • Review of inspirational workshop environments, installations and functions

Practical info

location:Föreningsgatan 22, floor 2
length: 1.5 - 2 hrs
type of study visit: presentation
max number of participants: 12 people
target audience:
staff and managers involved with elderly care, students in healthcare, other operations within healthcare.

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