Meet the teachers

Meet the teachers

Preparatory courses

Our pre-university preparatory educational programme has many strings to its bow. Despite all the negative comments sometimes heard about the Swedish school system, our students are successful in their learning and are able to hold their own in international knowledge competitions, as well as excel in performing arts activities and sports. Behind all learning, there are talented educators with well-proven pedagogical skills in their toolbox.

  • Meet the teachers who have the ability to interest, stimulate and challenge our students in subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and civil engineering.
  • Meet the teachers who support performing arts students in their learning and personal development in order to take the step to appear before millions of listeners.
  • Meet the teachers who have the ability to transfer a targeted focus and investment in the sports arena to a similar development in the classroom.

Vocational training

In vocational education, the model is crucial to the learning, where knowledge and application of that knowledge is continually combined while at same time a professional identity and pride develops. The model is the educator with a solid professional background within their field of teaching, and with a palpable awareness that students do as I do and not as I say.

  • Meet the professional vocational teacher and our students in the electrical or plumbing workshop, in the store, restaurant or hair salon, and take note of the interaction between the person who has the knowledge and the person receiving the knowledge, this all in one mutual interaction.

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