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Malmo City needs your booking request at least eight weeks in advance. We will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed the possibility to receive you.  Please read the FAQ before going on a field trip before making a booking request. 

We welcome visitors and collegues from municipalities, cities, organizations and universities with a professional interest in our work.

The coordination and planning of a technical visit costs 2,000 SEK (excluding VAT). In addition, there are costs for some technical visits that are chargeable. You will have a price list sent to you after you have made a booking request.

We will do our best to arrange your visit according to your wishes but a booking request does not automatically mean that we are able to receive you.

Malmö City hosts technical visits in accordance to available time and resources. We don't have the possibility to organize visits on weekends.  Unfortunately we cannot receive individual visitors.

From November to March we don't do any guided tours in the Western Harbour area.  We recommend a visit during the warmer months of the year.

Malmö City also cooperates with independent professional guides Word, 28.5 kB. (Word, 28.5 kB) that you can contact when we don't have the possibility to receive you.

Please note that Malmö City does not provide any invitation letters, hotel bookings, transports, interpretation (presentations are held in English) or other practical arrangements.

You do not commit yourself to anything via this enquiry form. We will contact you within one week with a suggestion of a programme. 

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