E-Governance in Malmö City

Malmö City is making a focused investment in e-governance. We want to make it easy for Malmö´s citizens and business owners to carry out errands and to gain access to Malmö City's services. An important part of the effort is to streamline and simplify the work of Malmö City employees. 

Want to know more about our work towards efficient and modern E-Governance? How we think about vision, goals, opportunities and challenges? Then you are welcome to visit us.

We can customize the technical visit´s structure and content according to your wishes.
Perhaps you are primarily interested in gaining an overview of how Malmö City is working with E-Governance development. Or perhaps it is one of the areas relating to our E-Governance investments that feels especially exciting - for example, how we work to develop and produce new e-services, or work to change our records and task management systems. We adapt the content based on your interests and requests. 

Possible orientations:

  • E-Services
  • Malmö Contact Centre
  • Document and task management
  • E-archive
  • MalmöCity's intranet
  • Management information