Smart City

The Smart City concept means a digitalisation of the public space in the city, to help citizens to do various things and to get to different places in the city - an enhanced interaction between the technique, the place and the citizens.

The Smart Map

In the smart map a list of places are listed where you as a citizen are able to rent, exchange, borough, give and access amongst other things a bicycles workshop, open offices, tool libraries, exchange groups, lending facilities and digital platt forms.

Sensors measuring water levels

The municipality has placed sensors in the canals to measure the water levels and to forward this information to the municipality for a more efficient prevention of flooding.


Sollutions have been developed to provide geographical basic data and statistics for the municipality with a large number of socio-economic variables.

Practical information

meeting place: Stadshuset, August Palms plats 1
45 min
type of visit: lecture
target group: civil servants and/or politicians
maximum number of participants: 25
webplace: Det digitala Malmö

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