The workplace of the future

This theme adresses the work of the municipality with the digital work environment and how the digitalisation affects the work methods and the need for competence.

Digital workplace

The City of Malmö works with the intranet and Office 365 to simplify the collaborations between colleges and external partners.

RPA and AI

The City of Malmö uses RPA (Robotic Process Automation), a technique which is used to automaise work tasks which would under other corcumstances would be done manually and with AI, a technique which takes after the natural intrelligence of humans, especially the cognitive functions such as the ability to learn new from former experiences, solve problems and to plan actions.

Mobility in the home care

The staff within the home care are now able to make the documentation directly iPersonalen in the mobile phones where they also can read on the intranet, use the mail and maps ans acced the parking apps.

Introduction for new management personnel

The documentation and background for the introduction for new personnel in management has been assembled on a website.

Practical information

meeting place: Stadshuset, August Palms plats 1
45 min
type of visit: lecture
target group: civil servants and/or politicians
maximum number of participants: 25
website: Det digitala Malmö

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