Malmö's Economy

The development of the region is moving towards a more integrated region which provides both opportunities and places demands on Malmö. Within the area of economy, Malmö focuses on six profile areas with high growth potential; medical Malmö, mobile media and ICT, logistics, cleantech, hospitality industry and headquarters.

Malmö City's Trade and Industry Office is working to get more companies to establish themselves in the city and also promotes the development and growth of existing businesses.

The Trade and Industry Office also works to promote dialogue and cooperation amongst businesses and supports innovative environments and entrepreneurships.

  • The visit involves:
  • Malmö's development from a business perspective
  • Industry structure in the city
  • The development of business clusters/profile areas
  • Ongoing investments
  • The Trade and Industry Office´s Mission
  • The establishment of services provided by the municipality

Practical Information

location: Malmö Trade & Industry Office, Lugna gatan 84 or Stadshuset, August Palms plats 1
length: 45 minutes
type of study: lecture
max number of participants: depending on the size of the venue website: malmobusiness.com

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