Leadership and Organisation

The Upper Secondary School and Adult Education Administration is a learning organisation in which there is a desire to continually keep the centre of focus on the student. Meet the administration’s view of leadership.

The management organisation’s purpose is to support the learning and strive for greater achievement and fulfilment of goals. Meet the leadership of our administration and take advantage of our experience and our perception of leading a learning organisation.

During the study visits below, we provide insights into how we organise and lead a multi-faceted gymnasium school in Malmö.

Based on your particular needs and interests, we custom design your visit and naturally our ambition is to provide the answers and to show the possibilities. Some suggested themes could be:

  • Leadership is multifaceted and can be compared to a diamond, through whose facets you can look into and see it from various perspectives. Meet some of our school leaders and hear their views on leadership.
  • In our gymnasium schools, young people are met in a learning process. Each school has its own particular profile and culture, while at the same time equality and diversity are nurtured in a multicultural society. Meet a school leader in their school, and take note of difficulties, challenges and joys.

Each program item is expected to take 1-2 hours.

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