Framework Agreement 8

Framework Agreement 8 Big City Malmö is a part of the national negociations on infrastructure. The framework co-finances the development of routes of public transport and bicycle paths. As a quid pro quo the city shall make the creation of 28 500 dwellings possible.

In the future green, dense and integrated city of Malmö an accessible infrastructure is essential with bus stops and trains stations in the vicinity of residential areas. The closeness to public transport means an increase of possibilities for more citizens to access education or to find work in a common employment region where the distance decrease due to a well functioning infrastructure.

The city of Malmö makes it possible for the streets and adjacent environments to be adapted to the future public transport system and it's need for passability. About 70 infrastructural projects shall be developed within the frame of this national co-finansing between 2018 and 2031.

Extension of the Malmö Express in five stages

The Malmö Express city bus line provides an enhanced travel capacity in several bus lines in the most frequently trafficed travel routes in the city. The electric buses provides environmentally and health friendly vehicles that are emission free and quiet. The buses will also have an enhanced passability which means higher comfort and quality for the passengers.

Investment in bicycling

To tie the city together with the help of bicycles paths in combination with the developement of public transport means an increase in positive side effects. More passengers will have the possibility to access the public transport system and the travelling will increase.

Residential development a prerequisite

The investments in the public transport of Malmö are estimated to create better conditions for residential development in several parts of Malmö. For each public transport route developed a so called influence area is apointed in which the residential projects will be created.

The residential development is a condition for the co-financing by the state in public and bicycle transport.

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