The traffic and mobility plan

Malmö is growing and densifies - more people will live, work and visit the city, which means more movement and transports of people and goods. The traffic system must be adopted for the people using it at the same time as the environmental impact must decrease. Hence a comprehensive approach from the city will be necessary on how to address this development.

The city of Malmö has during a long period of time worked successfully with sustainable transports of different kinds. The new traffic and mobility plan has been developed to have a comprehensive approach of the challenges ahead, and a purpose is to include all sorts of transports effecting the social, environmental and economic sustainability.

The work with the first traffic and mobility plan of Malmö started in november 2012 and it was accepted by the city counsil in March 2016. The plan describes how a progressive and holistic traffic planning can contribute to an increase of the quality of life for more citizens, visitors to and workers in Malmö. Malmö is growing and the challenges of the city demands that the traditional methods are completed with new ones. Aswell as the city's comprehensive plan the traffic and mobility plan makes an over all view of the planning and makes it clearer how a dense, green city with mixed functions can be created. 

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