BID Sofielund

During the autumn of 2010 a process began in southern Sofielund to become one of the cities targeted areas for social change. During the spring of 2011 an investigation began to rise the living standard and the influence of the residents of the areas.

BID Sofielund as a tool for urbanism

The work started with an extensive analysis by the real estate owners in the area. A number of the slumlords were identified and the media followed the process. Simultaneously the collaboration between the resident association, the police, the city planning office, the environment department and the real estate owners to encrease the safety and develop the serious real estate ownership started.

Declarations of intent

In the declaration of intent the thought was born to create deals with the local businesses to involve them inte the refitment of the area. The national board for housing, building and planning showed interest in the project and offered financial support for a pilot. Simuntaneously the property owners of southern Sweden expressed an interest for a project initially called BID Seved. This initial project had satisfying results and during 2013 an 2014 the project was enhanced to include the entire neigbourhood of Sofielund and the association of real estate owners of Sofielund was created.

Business Improvement Districts

The project is inspired by BID, Business Improvement Districts, which is a tool for urbanism i many countries aswell as in Malmö. The Malmö model stands for Housing, Integration and Dialogue. The association is a partnership between real estate owners, businesses, collectively owned residential associations, village communities, associations in close collaboration with the City of Malmö, that stands for the project management of the process. In the BID process a longterm declaration of intent has been signed between the city, the energy company E.on, the waste management company VA SYD and the real estate owners in Sofielund, to implement the 17 goals for sustainabilty of the UN in the local work in Sofielund.

Non profit association

In 2014 the non profit association the real estate owners of Sofielund, with BID, Business Improvment District, as a tool in the urbanism with focus on Housing, Integration and Participation, was founded.  The association has over 40 members and is open for all who ownes a property in the area. Both resideltial buildings with rentals aswell as collectively owned apartment buildings are welcome, aswell as the village community and businesses. The members of the association payes an annual membership fee and a service fee. The city of Malmö finances a project manager and some administration while the the association finances the facilities and the activities.

Serious real estate management

The real estate owners of Sofielund works to enhance the comfort, safety and feeling of unity in Sofielund. The intent is to contribute to the establishement of new businesses and to enhance the attractivity and investments. The association shall also contribute to decrease the costs for members, encrease the responsibility and decrease the resettlements of residents and stimulate the production of new housing. One of the goals is for the area to be an example of serious real estate management. The association has chosen seven focus point as especially important for the development of Sofielund:

  • Safety
  • Well kept area, cleanliness
  • Mobility and accessability
  • Urban environment
  • Sustainable development - ecological, social and cultural
  • Member value
  • Communication

There is today a strong political support for the work that is being done in Sofielund, and the area is seen as an area of innovation, a testbed for different contributions. The BID concept is now upscaled to a sixth project area called Case Sofielund.