Gaming city of the future.

For many years, Malmö has established itself as one of the most prominent gaming city in Europe with world renowned studios, developer hubs and education. We also host major events like Malmö Game Week and Dreamhack Masters. Here you'll find E-sport teams, a commited organisations and a strong community engagement.

It's important that we nurish and develop our position as a gaming city. E-sport and gaming are attracting large audiences and often score high in engagement in international press. Events such as Dreamhack Masters create important publicity, generate revenue and help raise the attention of the city.

At Malmö tourism, we work with attracting events, from big arena events to small gatherings and manage the yearly Malmö Game Week.

Want to know more about our E-sport initiatives?
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Paul Petersson-Rebelo
Project manager E-sport
E-mail: paul.petersson-rebelo@malmo.se
Phone: +46 (0)734-324898