Sustainable events

Everyone benefits from a sustainable city.

We continuously work to make Malmö more sustainable. That’s why the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are our goals. For the best possible environmental initiatives, Malmö use extensive partnerships and exchanges with other cities, especially in Europe. To keep moving forward, we draw on other people’s experiences and solutions. We also feel it’s important to create a dialogue with the people of Malmö, the industry and universities for environmental initiatives to be more effective and fully develop.

We act locally and think globally, all for a better future. Right now, we’re investing more in sustainable energy, industry, procurement, and construction. For us, every reduced emission is a win.

  • At least 80% of the hotels in Malmö are eco-labelled or environmentally certified.
  • We’d be happy to help you collaborate with local stakeholders.
  • Malmö has a wide range of locally-made, organic, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants. You could call us a real “foodie city”.

To help our organisers host sustainable events, we have created a check list with things to think about when hosting an event in Malmö: