Öppna Malmö's exhibition

Malmö is a genuinely global city. A diverse and engaging place where each and everyone should be able to take pride in their background and identity – and coexist as equals.

Malmö is the most cosmopolitan city in Sweden, with 186 nationalities represented. It’s a tremendous strength – and sometimes challenging. When people from all over the world are gathered in a limited space, some mindful efforts are needed to assure mutual respect.

Öppna Malmö brings people together and creates spaces for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Learning from each other’s personal experiences and narratives is the fundament of an open and inclusive city. This exhibition collects and presents personal stories from inspiring people who are committed in a variety of different ways in working towards an open and inclusive city. The exhibition was being displayed around Malmö throughout 2021.

Together, we are Öppna Malmö.

The exhibition is a collaboration between

Nina Warnolf - curator / exhibition producer
Petra Bindel - photo / film
Jakob Hydén, Katamaran Media - interviews / text
Tobias Malmberg, Katamaran Media - interviews / text
Nathan Larson - music
Erik Leo - visual communicator
Joakim Olsson - moving graphics
Karin Karlsson - project manager for Öppna Malmö

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